Emerald Creek American Staffordshire Terriers

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Sire - AKC CH/UKC Ptd/FCI Bacardi Boy of Daft Raptors, Hip-Fair, Elbow-Normal, Thyroid-Normal, Patella-Normal, Cardiac-Clear, DNA, Ataxia-Clear

AKC Ptd'/UKC Buenos Aires Abbie Baby, Hip-Good, Elbow-Normal,  Thyroid-Normal, Patella-Normal, Cardiac-Clear, DNA, Ataxia-Clear

BIS/World & Euro Winner. DON KING OF RING'S, 10 x PRM, 24 x CAC, 24 x CACIB, 32 x BOB, 29 x BOG, 9 x BIS, 11 x R.BIS, 3 x JClub Winner, 8 x Club Winner, Res. Junior Euro. Winner 2005, World Winner 2006, Euro Winner & BOB 2007,  Euro Winner & BOB 2008,  World Winner 2009,  HD-A, ED-O, Ataxia -Carrier

AKC CH/UKC CH Cadburry Tipit Z Hanky, Cardiac-Normal, Hip prelimb-F, Thyroid-normal, Patella-normal, Penn-Hip .49/.52, Ataxia-Clear, DNA, CGC 

A couple of Caesar's Aunts -

JWW, BISS CH Billie Jane Of Daft Raptors - 

Junior World Winner-2008, Res. Junior European Winner-2008, Croatian Junior Champion, Hungarian Junior Champion,
Slovenian Junior Champion, Croatian Champion, Macedon Champion, Montenegro Champion, Serbian Champion, Champion of Champions-2008, Top Young Amstaff Female-2008 /HTK/, Top Young Terrier III. -2008 /HTK/, 3 x Specialty Winner, 3 x Club Winner, 3 x Junior Club Winner, Central-Eastern European Winner, 3 x BISS, 2 x BIS, 2 X Junior BIS, 2 X Res.Junior BIS, Junior BIS III, 8 x PRM, 3 x HPJ, 8 X Best Junior, 17 X CAC, 10 X CACIB, 11 X BOB, 1 x BOS, JBOG II, 2 x BOG III., 2 x BOG
, HD-A, ED-0, OCD-0, Cardiac-Clear, Patella-Normal

AKC Mjr Ptd/UKC CH/FCI Black Spot Of Daft Raptors, Hip,  Elbow-Normal, Thyroid-Normal, Patella-Normal, Cardiac-Clear, DNA, Ataxia Clear